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Optimise your Energy Consumption with BayWa r.e

Experience, innovation and integration of the best energy solutions that guarantee your company’s return on investment

The Industrial Projects department at BayWa r.e. Makes solar power projects a reality for companies installing more than 250kW, connecting companies with the most important actors on the photovoltaic products market in Mexico.

Our team’s experience and innovation within the Solar Power Industry are focused on integrating the best solutions so that companies can save energy, providing them with sustainable changes by adopting new ways to optimise their resources.

The projects are carried out by a network of certified integrators that meet the requirements to implement photovoltaic installation projects featuring the technical capacity to successfully implement them.

Quality and reliability are the most important aspects in solar power projects and are key to ensuring that companies can recoup a return on their investment.

How can we help you on your projects?

We are your reliable partner for sustainable energy supply. We help you meet your company's energy goals in the following manner:

  • Preliminary analysis: we carry out a review of your company’s current situation and your possibilities.
  • Feasibility Study: we inform companies about the project structure, the quality of the components, certifications and warranties in advance.
  • Technical Proposal: this review will be carried out with the participation of a certified installer who meets the highest quality standards.
  • Financial Solution: we rely on collaboration with the best financial partners to integrate a tailor-made solution.
  • Comprehensive Consulting: we rely on collaboration with the best financial partners to integrate a tailor-made solution.
Industry Experience

We have trained and certified specialists with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector.

+6 GW Assets Installed

We have connected more than 6 GW to the grid internationally.

International Presence

We have offices in 29 countries and turnover of almost 4.2 billion USD.

Extensive Commercial Network

We collaborate with international companies and organizations to provide renewable energy solutions.

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