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Trust in our Expertise to Develop your Solar Projects

We ensure the return on investment and take charge of all aspects of your project from start to finish

To overview

We deliver clean energy to improve sustainability

BayWa r.e. has been a reliable and innovative partner in the renewable energy industry for more than 25 years. We are experts in creating highly competitive projects: from site selection based on development criteria to energy sales, including operations and long-term maintenance. We know that the key to success requires understanding the particular aspects of the local markets and creating strategies to add value to all stakeholders involved in the projects, whether communities and local authorities, energy buyers, grid operators or debt and equity investors.

Renewable energy projects play a fundamental role in Mexico’s energy future: they represent an element that spurs economic growth – even more so when they are correctly conceptualized – and they have a highly important positive impact on the communities where they are located.

Our global experience in project development and our solid financial position, not to mention our commitment to communities and our in-depth understanding of local and global markets, allow us to create highly competitive projects which translate into successful long-term investments for our partners. 

We maximize returns on investment through our network of partners and cutting-edge technologies on the market

We develop our projects with the most advanced technology on the market. Our global network of technology suppliers and our in-depth experience in the sector place us at the technological forefront of the renewable world.

Combined with our financial strength, this allows us to provide turnkey projects on time and within budget, thus ensuring returns for our partners. 

Local development experience, including:  

  • Site Assessment and Analysis
  • Permit facilitation
  • Interconnection
  • Community benefits
  • Optimized design and solar yield
  • Finance
  • Due diligence
  • PPA

Because we’re experts in renewable energies and we have world-class resources; because we’re an unbeatable partner for our customers.

Mario Pani, Managing Director at BayWa r.e. Mexico LLC

We improve the return for our partners from the initial development until operation.

We have developed more than 6 GW on projects across the world thanks to our highly trained and experienced team. This allows us to take on challenges in terms of project development, construction and operations in each market where we do business.

We take charge of defining the project, handling regulatory affairs, processing permits, selling energy, building facilities and commissioning them so nothing stops us from delivering effective solutions within budget to meet your project’s needs.

Check out one of our developed solar projects.
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