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Operation and maintenance of solar plants

We manage your project as if it were our own

We ensure that your power plant operates in a cost-effective and sustainable way

BayWa r.e. Operation and maintenance services in Mexico offers comprehensive operation and maintenance services for solar and wind power generation plants and energy storage systems. 
Our main priority is Operational Excellence, ensuring that your plant operates safely, profitably, and in compliance.

Maximizing the potential of your solar plants 

When you work with us, you work with experts. Our team of specialists is committed to ongoing improvement of processes and innovation in order to be more efficient in the maintenance of the fleet and to obtain the expected performance from the power plants we manage at a global level. 

We operate with the clear goal of ensuring that your investment in renewable energy provides a sustainable and reliable return.

A brief overview of our services:

  • Our maintenance services for a successful operation

    We offer predictive, preventive and corrective field maintenance:

    • High and medium voltage maintenance
    • Panel cleaning
    • Vegetation management
    • Pest control
    • Waste management
    • Building maintenance 
    • Thermography service 
    • Spare parts warehousing and warranty management
    • Supply of spare parts
  • Plant monitoring, operation and control, 24/7

    Our services:

    • Our operators are certified by CENACE 
    • Tailored monitoring to manage the specifics of each project. With our Remote Operational Control Center (ROCC)
    • Remote technical support for power plant troubleshooting and repairs
    • Generation of performance reports regarding the needs of each project
    • Expert, trained and bilingual team
    • Computer security and reliable communications in the system thanks to our in-house SCADA team
  • Performance engineering

    Our engineering team boosts profitability with data-driven decisions. As your performance engineering and analysis partner, we undertake audits and studies to provide practical and reliable information, without losing sight of your project's ROI.

    Our services:

    • Data quality audits
    • Energy modeling (ASTM E2848)
    • Energetic Reconciliation
    • Failure trend analysis
    • Asset performance assessments
    • Analysis as a Service (AaaS)
    • Production availability assessment
    • Tailored reports for your portfolio
    • Downtime categorization reports
  • Safety and environmental management

    Your plant should not only operate profitably, but also be safe for the team and sustainable for the environment. 

    Every day we contribute to the generation of clean and sustainable energy, thus protecting the environment and building a brighter future.

Our Priority: Your performance

It's simple. Our priority is to ensure that your plant is as profitable as possible, while operating safely in an ongoing and sustainable manner over the long term. 

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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