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Turnkey Construction for Large-scale Solar Projects

We guarantee certainty in such a complex and volatile market.

To overview

We tailor our approach to the needs of each project

Each project has its own specific challenges and the only way to overcome them is to have the experience of already having done so. Our EPC team focuses on design, equipment procurement and large-scale solar power project construction with the highest efficiency ratings, while also taking into account that the asset is expected to have a long service life. Given that we undertake both stand-alone solar power projects as well as battery storage systems (BSS) projects, we are the perfect partner to maximize the return on investments for projects.

Global EPC Quality to undertake high-performance solar power projects 

We deliver personalized engineering solutions, equipment procurement and the highest quality construction backed by our financial stability, which takes shape in solar power projects and long-term high performance energy storage projects.

Certainty in uncertain markets

Let us navigate the legal, financial and regulatory complexities involved in the development of renewable energy projects. Thanks to our solid network of partners in the US and Mexico, we ensure that your project can overcome any regulatory, legal or financial obstacle.

Our proven processes and personalized focus allow us to make the best decisions to deliver profitable turnkey facilities that meet or exceed your objectives. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to provide you a better energy solution.

Facilities finished on time and within budget

Due to the complexity of large-scale solar power projects, there are always latent risks of construction delays and cost overruns, but our experience allows us to guarantee that we will deliver projects on time and within budget with the quality required to achieve the profitability that our clients seek.

    Mario Pani
    Turnkey Construction
    BayWa r.e. Solar Projects LLC
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